Last post!

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for following us over these last couple of weeks. Its been

BW hearts you!

fun to share tidbits with you all. Here are a few random closing remarks, with regards to the school of business, but also awesomeness in general.

1. – do it. Share the knowledge and learn from it.

2. Go to the bookstore early!

3. Wear sweats sometimes, but don’t be a slob and live in them!

4. Buy fair trade coffee.

5. Make a friend in class! They’ll be your lifeline in times of confusion and extreme stress!

6. Sleep! Get your eight hours in people.

7. Although early classes suck at first, why not try cram them all in before 12. This way you’ll have the rest of the day to do homework and kick it!

Thanks to all you beautiful people.




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Last-day tips

As this blog comes to an end, I would like to leave you with a couple of last minute tips.

First, organization pays off! Whether its your personal life, school life or work life, staying organized allows you to focus more energy on more important things.

Second, keep on top of your assignments. Nothing is worse than the feeling of the last minute crunch. I know for students, procrastinating is their middle name. However, with all of the other stressors in your life, you can control how you manage your school time.

Lastly, don’t take things too seriously. The reality of it is, you are going to learn the most in your practical work environment. Therefore, take everything in school in stride. Don’t get stressed out over what you can’t control…


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Musical Motivation

So I don’t know about you, but I have a pretty tough time motivating myself to go to the gym. I do it, but it is a daily argument I hold

She's listening to Tiesto for sure!

with myself. I think of every excuse in the book not to go, kick, scream, etc. But when I do get into a good workout routine, I feel more alert, positive and good about myself. Can’t go wrong with any of these things, right?

But like I said, getting myself to the gym is tough enough, however, the other half of the battle is staying there for long enough to notice any real difference. This is where music comes in. In the words of CSS “music is my boyfriend” – or rather, for me, music is my gym buddy, my personal trainer, and my entertainment. I literally cannot leave my house without my ipod, so heaven forbid I endure a 1.5 hour workout without my tunes! Here’s a list of my ten favorite workout songs – some classics and some recent favorites:

In no real order:

1. Falling anthem – Bad Boy Bill ft. Alysa Palmer

2. Airplanes  – B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams

3. Feel it in my bones – Tiesto ft. Teagin and Sarah

4. Sweet Disposition – the Temper Trap

5. Let your love grow tall – Passion Pit

6. Let Go – Dan Black

7. Up in the stars – Swimming with Dolphins

8. Cave in- Owl City

9. Young Forever – Jay-Z ft. Mr. Hudson

10. Everytime – Cascada

Some fantastic workout tunes! These are sure to get your blood pumpin’ and make that cardio a heck of a lot easier.

Another wonderful tool I like to use to aide my musical addiction is Billboard has charts for every genre and caters to any musical taste. Remember, Tuesday is new music day, so check out new releases then!

Happy workout!


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Things to do to procrastinate studying

It’s that time. The time when your brain is mush, and the thought of cleaning your condo seems more appealing than studying. This is a bad time, full of guilt. You know you should be studying and you need to get good marks to pass the three more exams that you have. Your weeks of studying have taken away your sense of rationality and your brain, being fried, can think of nothing more than basic functioning.

Here are some fun options to do that will make you feel less guilty about not studying.

– Clean your condo. An organized work space has to have some effect on a more organized you. Plus getting rid of germs may help your immune system stay strong!

– Get outside and do something! Run, play frisbee, lounge in the sun… all of these things will give your brain a break and when you get back to the books your brain and body will feel refreshed!

– Spend time with friends and family. There is nothing better for my well-being than spending time with loved ones. If I’m feeling like a bit of an ego boost, hanging out with my mom (who is my biggest fan!) is the perfect medicine.

All of these tips although simple will help you get new perspective on your day. Give yourself a break.

With summer coming up, here are some fun activities that the city has to offer. Maybe you could incorporate some of them into your non-studying time!


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Save your eyes!

About a year ago now, I got laser eye surgery. In the year since I have had zero problems and think that this will probably be the best health-related investment I will ever make!

That being said, I am also ten time more paranoid about my eyes than I ever have been. I read  lot of text and sitting at a computer for hours at a time, mostly in DP. After long sessions, I always end up with tired eyes and wonder how much damage has actually occurred. There have been lots of studies trying to prove correlation between computer usage and decreased eye health. I for one believe that in a couple of years, studies will be more reliable. In the mean time however here are some helpful tips to keep your eyes in top shape.

– Remember to blink! Its amazing how long people can go for without blinking. Try it the next time you’re watching a movie or sitting at the computer looking at something. My eye doctor asked me to be conscious of this right after my surgery, and I was so surprised how much this helped moisturize my eyes.

– Try to take breaks from computer time. Every twenty minutes at least, give your eyes a break! The light from the screen alone can tire your eyes, which will ultimately make the rest of your body sleepy!

– Make sure in areas that are air conditioned, like schools, offices and malls, to use eye drops. Even if you don’t wear contacts it is important to keep your eyes fresh.

– Make sure when you’re out in the sun to wear sunglasses. After my surgery, I am so much more conscious of this. The sun can have huge damaging effects to your eyes. Even when its not sunny – but bright, I wear mine! Get a cute pair and you’re killing two birds with one stone!

You see the world through your eyes. If you didn’t have your vision, your whole perception of the world would be completely different. Hopefully these tips help! This article provides information on the effects of computer use on eye health, check it out.


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Oh’ napping

Naps – I love them!

Those 8 am classes always get t0 me. Going to sleep late and waking up early, I start to feel really tired. All I can think about is having a wonderfully relaxing and revitalizing nap. I can have naps anywhere – on the couches at school, with my head down on a desk, at home in bed, on the grass – anywhere works!

Keep your power naps under 30 minutes to receive the most benefits:

  • refresh the mind
  • improve overall alertness
  • boost mood
  • increase productivity

Remember, these are power naps! You can’t sleep forever.

If you sleep for longer than 30 minutes the benefits of napping are reversed. When you allow your body to enter into a deep sleep at the wrong time of the day you may wake up feeling groggy rather then revitalized. Also, if you sleep to much during the day you will have a hard time sleeping at night – this starts a nasty cycle of sleep deprived nights and long naps in the day.

So remember! Naps are great, but keep them short.

You can read more about the benefits of napping here.


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Minimal effort, Maximum output

Minimal effort, maximum output. A little phrase I’ve fought with for the majority of my academic career. I tend to be a bit of a slacker. I procrastinate, I make excuses, I find ways to sneak around readings, extra work, etc.

However, the older I get (and the more student loans I amass) I realize just how important the effort I put into my school work is. Over the last two years I’ve gotten far more serious about the effort I put in to school. Okay, I’ll admit, come exam time you’ll find me locked in a study room with my friends berating myself for waiting till the night before my final to start cramming. That being said, I’ve learned a few things that make my life far easier come exam time.

I like to do my readings in advance – I know, it sucks, but believe me, skimming over a chapter a week is far better then trying to cram in an entire text book in four hours! I usually highlight key points as I go along. This way, when I do get around to studying, I can glance over the chapter and jot notes on my highlighted sections. Minimal effort.

I also like to keep my notes and handouts separate. This way I can quickly flip through my binder to find exactly what I’m looking for, whether it be a marked assignment, a slide from class, or a supplementary resource that my instructor has handed out in class. Again, minimal effort.

Another handy little thing I’ve learned is to embrace the beauty of hilighters. Not only do I enjoy using them (I have no idea why, but I have a deep abiding love of office supplies) they can create a very handy coding system. As I go through my notes, I like to highlight as follows:

blue: I already know this

purple: need to know verbatim

pink: conceptual (ie. know this in theory, will apply in numerous places)

Weird. I know. But it works for me! And yet again, folks, MINIMUM effort!

I’ve employed these tactics for the last several years, and let me tell you, although they are pretty silly sounding, they’ve worked for me! Everyone has their own specific methods, but two things never fail: organization and timeliness (NO PROCRASTINATION!)

Happy book learnin’ kids!


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